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ak47 no consistancy
hey when i updated my server and tried to join i get this error any suggestions?

Host_Error: Server is enforcing file consistency for models\weapons\w_rif_ak47.mdl
Do you have custom AK47 skins? thats the problem if you do
yea, thats what im thinking.. or if you want to keep your skins you can change sv_consisency 0 i think thats the cvar anyways. don't have time right now to check.. i will update this post later if thats wrong. lol
hmm i have custom skins on my side on server i dont
i had this problem once before but i dont remember how i fixed it =/

i set the consistancy to 0 and i can join my own server now but now it says it for everyother server i try to join
hmm i forgot this is also doin this for the usp.mdl
thats because you have custom skins for them.. client side.. that is being checkd now so people dont' have outlandish skins.. if your skins differ from stock, it will give you that error.. so take them skins out.. and it will work.

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