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Connection troubles
I've been trying to install srcds on my Linux box (CentOS 5.4), but when I get to updating with the Steam executable (./steam), it hangs on "Checking bootstrapper version..." for about half an hour before telling me the connection has timed out ("Failed to connect to"). Pinging the said IP from the box returns nothing, but it works on other comps.

It might be a problem with the box itself, and I've already submitted to support ticket to my host, but I suspect they'll tell me it's a Steam problem. Any help you can offer would be appreciated.
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Oh sorry, I thought I was meant to post there if it was a problem with the OS. It's a fresh install btw, so it's not the problem.
try stopping iptables?
(02-13-2010, 12:07 PM)skeletor Wrote:  try stopping iptables?

Did nothing.
I heard back from my host, and they say it is not a problem with my server at all. The Steam servers are apparently rejecting requests coming from my servers IP address.

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