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Using the same files for multiple instances of SRCDS...
I bet someone has done the following already, but it is new to me, and I would like to share it, at least with the other newbies. Smile

* I am just merely talking about my experience, so I am not going to do any benchmarking to prove it.

As I mentioned in my other thread in this forum (link), I have recently tried using SSD for hosting SRCDS, and loving it. Yet consider the following:

- Per box, if not hosting too many instances of SRCDS, SATA 3Gb/s is perfectly fine.
- I primary host TF2, so regarding the above, by "too many" I mean 4+ instances of SRCDS.
- Performance is very good even with just a single SSD, so no need to set up RAID 0.
- Since a SRCDS doesn't hold any critical data, you don't need RAID 1. (A weekly backup to the primary SATA would be fine.)
- Therefore, a single SSD will do.

Each instance of TF2 SRCDS is ~3.5GB (w/o custom map/sound/whatever). My quick test was with 8x TF2, so on the 30GB SSD I tried, I was using ~28GB.

- 30GB, $134.99 @
- 60GB, $234.00
- 120GB, $399.00

So for me, I would only get the 30GB, which wasn't enough, and therefore wouldn't use SSD.

So I tried the following (on Linux) to save space, and so far so good:

[Image: tf2sharedall.png]

[Image: tf201all.png]

There isn't anything special, just use a single instance of TF2 SRCDS as parent, and for all the additional TF2 SRCDS, delete their content folders, and replace with a symlink pointing to the parent's content folders.

I still need the child folders like TF2_01, TF2_02, mainly for hosting different instances of configuration (cfg/, maplist, mapcycle, addon/, and etc.).

I don't know how to do the same thing in Windows, if someone knows how to, please share. Thanks.

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This is called "Forking" a server, and it is highly discouraged. The problem lies mostly in logging and overlapping configurations. It's easier to just run 2 separate instances on 2 separate directories.

This has some information:

Thanks for the reply.

I don't know, I am still testing this setup. At home I am using Linux for testing, but my dedi is using Windows, so whether this setup works or not, doesn't help me much. Toungue

Just checked the link you mentioned, and found about using mklink in Windows.

Nice. Smile

Back to this setup, as I mentioned in the original post:

Quote:I still need the child folders like TF2_01, TF2_02, mainly for hosting different instances of configuration (cfg/, maplist, mapcycle, addon/, and etc.).

and log/ as well, I think the logging and configurations are OK.

Updating SRCDS is a bit troublesome, as I only make symlink of the folders, but not of the files, so my shell script for updating, also need to overwrite the files of the child folders (TF2_01, TF_02).

I have setup 8x TF2 on my home Ubuntu box now for testing. They are mixed of KOTH, single map, multiple maps, highlander, and so far so good. Smile

Still, I really want to be able to do the same in Windows, but I can't test it at the moment, until I put my Windows HDD back in my home testing box.
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