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Two servers, one machine, one server on wrong port
Ok so I'm running a dedicated machine that always runs DODS on port 27015. I just set up a PVK2 server and am trying to run it on port 27020. But every time I start it up, it ends up running on port 27021. But 27020 seems to be the only port it doesn't like. If I start it on any other port, it uses the correct port. Is my DODS server grabbing 27020 for itself or something? Here's some scenarios I've tried.

DODS is always running on 217015.

- If I start PVK2 on 27018 it runs on 27018.
- If I start PVK2 on 27019 it runs on 27019.
- If I start PVK2 on 27020 it runs on 27021.
- If I start PVK2 on 27021 it runs on 27021.
- If I start PVK2 on 27022 it runs on 27022.

See the problem?

If I stop DODS, then start PVK2 on 27020, it runs on 27020. And then DODS can start up fine. But if DODS is already running, PVK2 refuses to use 27020.

Any ideas?
Nevermind, I found out that apparently SourceTV is enabled by default and uses port 27020 by default. I simply disabled it on both servers by using the -nohltv and -tvdisable startup parameters.

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