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Hello, want to discuss about which games to host...
Hi everybody,

I checked the first few pages of the forum, and didn't see any recent discussions about this topic, so I started this thread. Smile

First of all, I am a TF2 addict, have been playing it since it came out and still loving it. Yet I think after last summer, TF2 has been losing its popularity. With so many pub TF2 servers now, while lesser number of active players, many of the once 24/7 full servers, are now 24/7 empty...

I really miss the good old days, that woke up for midnight snack, and ended up playing TF2 until next morning...

My question is, besides TF2, what other games are you good fellows planning to host?

(Mainly as TF2 alternative. Some games will large number of players, that is, at least 12 vs 12)

(So not games like L4D/L4D2)

While this site is mainly for SRCDS related topics, I am hoping to get some ideas besides just Source games.

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A few games that have few people who play, but can rise through the ranks if effort is given, is Insurgency and Battlegrounds (not even on HLDSUpdatetool Yet). Garry's Mod can get pretty popular, but might not be the game you are looking for.

I have yet to try Battlegrounds, but I'll download it today and give it a try!
I hate gmod because it takes 3 days to find all the damn mods and get them installed. I recently wiped out all my gmod stuff Smile
Personally I've been playing a lot of Killing Floor (6-players). AFAIK, TF2 still has a huge fan base. When it comes to Valve games, it's still one of the most popular.
If you look at the [u]Steam Game Stats it seems as though CS:S is also still very popular.
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with css servers are starting to die out a bit but not as much as some other games, so if you think you can do something very original go stick it out.
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css is dieing because the community is full of cheaters, the economy is bad so there are few lan events giving away cash its mainly hardware, and for every competitive match some cool kid decides to crash the server.

cod4 is dieing as well there is a lan happening soon called nerv3 and after that i am predicting the end of cod4.

tf2 will always be around the developers not only are involved with the community but actually care what people have to say.

l4d2 is somewhat popular id say around 15000 people play at any given moment.

garry's mod is rather boring mostly 10 year olds that are vac banned play it.

l4d went down when l4d2 came out 2 weeks later

codmw2 decided to crap on the server community so no help there

killing floor is pretty big still mostly meet people from the uk though.

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I like Valve games and mods too much to move to another company. Valve has the best platform for modding of any other FPS gaming platform. I am actually surprised most of the other game companies don't use it to code their games in.

Oh, and I forgot to add: Openly downloaded and supported game servers with updating! Big Grin

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