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Runtime error after last update (Fri, 23 Sep 2005 11:45:21)
Since the update, I'm getting a runtime error on my Windows XP box. The servers on my Windows 2000 box are running fine.
yes. ANYONE if you update with mani.. it WILL not work.. atleast this is what im told, mani may update his stuff to keep up, he usually does. and if this is not so.. tell me, and ill delete this post, but as of now, that is the cause.

edit-i am updateing a server right now to fully test this.. to see if this is so..
yes, Mani was the problem.

i disabled it and all is good.
thats what i was affraid of.. i just browsed over to the mani forums, and there saying the same thing... so i guess no mani =( until he pushes out an update.. hopefully soon!
Don't think its about mani - my server lags as **** - with or without mani - a lot of clients can't connect - or get kicked - no steamlogon - no validation ...aso. - Think steam/valve had to test theire updates on real PC's (not X-Boxes) before releasing updates....
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lol... yea.. well mani stops the servers from starting at all.. and yea.. i don't know.. this update seems to really screw stuff up.. the big ones usually do. but inna couple days things should be goin smooth again..

also the no steam logon thing could be the strain being put on steams servers due to the fact of milloins of people downloading this update... and thousands of servers.. so that should be cleard up before too long. that could also be your server lag as well.. not to sure about that one though.
Yes, it is a problem with the new update being incompatable with mani-mod, but you do not need to totally remove the plugin, which can cause some inconvience.
The error you are probably getting is a Seg Fault, and looks something like this:

File mani_ranks.txt exists, preparing to delete then write new updated stats
./srcds_run: line 65: 27017 Segmentation fault      $HL_CMD
Add "-debug" to the ./srcds_run command line to generate a debug.log to help with solving this problem
Fri Sep 23 21:31:27 BST 2005: Server restart in 10 seconds

As it states, the problem occurs when trying to read/write stats, all that is required (for Linux SRCDS at least) to avoid this issue is to remove/rename 'mani_stats.dat' and in 'mani_server.cfg':

Quote:mani_stats 0
mani_stats_write_text_file 0

^^ Editing of mani_server.cfg is not necessary for starting SRCDS, but without doing so 'mani_stats.dat' will be recreated and cause an issue next time the server is restarted unless the bug is fixed.
yea.. sorry i was slow at posting that.. actually i thought i did.. lol i have had soo much problems today.. haha.. but anyways.. mani updated the plugin! so im guessing everything should work fine now with mani.. get it

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