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Windows HLDS Unstable FPS rates
How to stabilize FPS rates on Server running windows7 or windows 2008 ...fps drops till 300 to 500 fps under load.

System spec.

C2Q9450@3.6 GHz
4GB RAM 1066 MHZ
Asus X48 MB
RAID 0 HDD 2x250 Samsung HJ

I tried to run Linux HLDS server but got same shit … tried to run sever builds of kernel with 1000 Hz Real-time under Sun Virtual Machine (Virtual Box) but fps still jumps… =(

[Image: attachment.php?aid=872]

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There are 14 players. How many plugins do you have installed?
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Are you using the srcdsfpsboost or a HiResTimer? Either one of these might help boost the FPS.

Also like lol554 started to say, it really isn't the nature of 1000fps to stay if you have over 6-10 people (depending on the box specs).
no plugins raw hlds server no boosters . ... giveme a link to this boosters i'll try
Whats the CPU utilization on the machine? Also if your running this on a virtual machine it will be difficult to get stable fps.
Don't use the GUI Wink
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i think mooga is correct on this one. The gui is a piece of crap.

Also HLDS is different SRCDS. HLDS is very hard to officially stabilize on windows. I only know of 1 person who has stabilized it on linux and thats distant but hes using libs to help it out. A standard 1000hz kernel probably would come close if you ran an idler like bewhartas or however you spell his name from fragaholics explains in his wiki tutorial. Best of luck.
It is pretty easy to get it stable on linux. Use the actual ck2 patch set for 2.6.32. Will give you ~1000 fps with pb3 and tic 1001 (less will cause drops) and ~970 with pb2 tic 2500
I have never had any fps drops of nothing more than 30fps. Takes some time though, configuring the server, tweaking it here and there. It is possible.
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Can you give mo info about tweaking server ... i have raw server without any plugins or metamod amxx and so on but it have hard fps drops... I've try Linux Ubuntu 9.... but it has only 500 fps kernel and little drops too =(.

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