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[TF2] Unlimited Game/Map Time?
Hello there,

I am trying to host an Orange X3 server, but I can't seem to figure out how to get the server to stay on one map, not reload the map, and not let time expire. Any ideas? I'm running on Windows Server 2003 and Sourcemod.


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There are some cvars you need to manipulate...
However, you should change maps at LEAST once or twice a day or you'll get really bad LAG.
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What are these cvars? And i wouldn't mind changing it every 3 hrs or so, I jus want a pure orange x3 server. Thanks for the help
Edit your mapcycle.txt to only have the map you want, and then in the server.cfg, add or modify this line to say:
mp_timelimit 240
240 is how many minutes it will stay on the map, which is 4 hours.

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