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Left 4 Dead 2 Update Available (2-5-10)
Jason Wrote:Required updates for Left 4 Dead 2 are now available. Please run hldsupdatetool to receive them. The specific changes include:

- Now ghost PZ's can never be staggered
- Enabled PZ bots
- PZ bots use their more aggressive survival mode behavior in versus and scavenge
- Enabled finale manual spawn by default
- Fixed human PZ players not getting counted when they were dead, allowing extra PZ bots to spawn
- Reduced effectiveness of melee weapons against the Tank ( 5% of max health, from 10% )
- Fixed a case where a player who dies, then is rescued from a rescue closet, and then is revived from a ledge hang receives the secondary weapon that he lost when he was initially killed
- Improved SurvivorBot AI in cases where the bots refused to shoot through their teammates and became non-responsive
- Fixed issue with witch sometimes taking on uncommon common properties
- Fix for cheaters quitting before the vote to kick them would succeed and avoiding ban on server
- VAC banned users can now play L4D2 single-player, commentary mode and credits

Map Fixes:
- Dark Carnival Fair Ground: added env_player_blocker to keep special infected from getting stuck
- Dark Carnival Fair Ground: added navigation area that was missing
- Dark Carnival Fair Ground: Disconnected drops that were blocked by the top of a fence
- Swamp Fever Plank Country: Deleted 2 nav areas that connected between tree trunks you can't pass through
- Swamp Fever Shanty Town: Redrew ladder thinner so special infected could climb up to the roof
- The Parish Waterfront: Fixed various navigation areas
- Mall: Tuned spawning for difficulty

SDK Content:
- Added missing nature/blend tooltextures added
- Added missing cs models/textures
- Added missing acunit01 model/texture
- Added missing ammo_can_02 model/texture
- Added missing patio_chair model/texture

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