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IP changing
k, so i run an ice deathmatch server and im running zonealarm in the background cause the server doubles up as a normal computer, and everytime the server restarts the ip changes, cause i will mark it in my favorites and then it will say server not responding and then when i search for it in the internet tab it shows up just fine....any suggestions on how to fix this?
do you have dsl or cable, and thruogh wich company, also what is a recent ip it had.
#3 recent ip (current now but can change) comcast cable net
I would HIGHLY recomend that you get a static ip for your server.
yea.. especially if your ip changes a lot.. like mine.. only changes every like 3 months... and the ONLY reason why i don't have a static ip.. is i just plain old can't afford it.
How much is a freakin static ip for you skeletor? Mine only costs an extra buck on the Cable bill.
ha.. i lookd it up once.. awhile ago yea.. but i doubt it went down, but it was like 15 bucks a month.. i only pay like 30 for the internet.. and thats crazy... and around here theres no where cheaper.. im tryin to get up enough money to rent a dedicated box, one of the cheaper ones... and then rent out a couple servers off of it to shut down this one.. and run off of that.. lol
so does comcast do that so i wont host a server?
no its not so you won't host a server.. its just cuz its cheaper for then.. cuz if your only online for an hour a week.. or something.. other people can use that ip.. basically so they don't need as many ips... but usually isp's can assign you one, and it won't change, but they usually charge extra... you will have to talk to them about how much it costs.

i have the same problem. except there is an easy fix for it.

go to

they offer a free service that taggs your IP address to a hostname. (mine is They even provide a free tool that runs on your desktop and updates the host record if your IP changes. This way people can access your server using the hostname and you don't ever have to worry about your IP changing again becuase it updates it for you.

If you need help setting it up just reply. Smile
could you explain how to set it up
send me a pm. we'll work something out.

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