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Team Fortress 2 and Day of Defeat: Source Updates Available (2-3-10)
Jason Wrote:Required updates for Team Fortress 2 and Day of Defeat: Source are now available. Please run hldsupdatetool to receive them. The specific changes include:

Enabled Steam Cloud support for key bindings and custom spraypaint images
- Added Options->Multiplayer->Advanced option to toggle off/on: default is on

Team Fortress 2
Added new Highlander mode.
- 9 players allowed per team.
- Restricts each team to 1 of each class.
- Use mp_highlander (0/1) to toggle off/on: default is 0
Added "bots" to the server's sv_tags convar if the server is running bots.
Fixed a weapon name localization issue.
Fixed the "tf_teamtalk" server convar not controlling text chat between living/dead teammates.
Updated the map CTF_DoubleCross
- Fixed the map not ending correctly when using mp_timelimit.
- Changed to prevent Engineers from building on top of the shack in each base.
Updated the map Arena_WatchTower
- Fixed a case where players could open and get stuck on the starting gates before the round start.
- Improved clipping to prevent people from getting out of the map.
- Optimized the map for better performance.

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