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Are we able to download the DOD source files yet for dedciated servers or does this have to wait till the day of release as well??

If we can does anyone have the details of this
server files will be released before the game, im not sure if they are available already. Gaming Servers
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they are not available yet.. although i just read something saying they might be released later today? but i remember reading somewhere else that that it will be available to download just a couple days before its released.. but either way it should be in the next day or 2...

although i do know that later today there will be an update for all source servers thats manditory, so that might include DoD...
Cheers guys....

I was hoping they might be pro-active a little on this to all those running game servers the time to get them sorted before release...

I run 5 servers and need to organise time to go onsite and sort them..

If anyone gets some info please let me know..
Try to download them like 1-2 days before the release. That should give you enough time to set it up for MAP or other plugins.
To down DOD:S Server we need to no what it's called, ore do we no that and it's only me that dont Toungue
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it was supposed to be released the day before yesterday, and then yesterday, and now they say maybe today, but maybe not...

they posted finally about it on steam forums... well atleast thats the manditory update for srcds, which im assumeing majorly is dod:s.. atleast thats what everyone in the hlds mailing list is saying..
Hope thay get i fixed till tomorrow (friday) since i dont think they release during weekends, and comming Monday is the 26't and hopefully we can have DOD:S Servers up and running at that time.
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Only time will tell thne folks :\
yea.. thats what everyones saying.. but like someone said it would be better that they release it trouble free. other then release it with bugs, cuz this release also effects all other source games...
just so everyone knows this.. there should be an update withen the next couple hours.. i just got an email with this..
Quote:Thanks for being patient while we make sure the Source engine update is
ready to be released. We're putting the final touches on the release,
and it should be ready in the next hour or two. I'll send more email

and that was at 6:20 PM CNT time.

lol i knew it though, cuz i just tried to go to steams forums.. and they were down.. so i checkd me email and that was there.. this updates gonna be a big one.. iknow it. cuz thats when there forums go down. haha
Hi everyone....

Just thought I would say hello.

Can't wait for this update to happen... tic - toc - tic - toc....

How long has it been now?

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haha, well once again! that update has been pushed back into tomorrow, they ran into another problem....
where did you hear this from?

last i heard it would have been available in an hour, which should have been ten minutes ago.
the hlds list.. eric has been keeping everyone uptodate on there.. if thats where you got the hour from.. then check your mail again.. i think he sent it like 15 mins ago or soo..

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