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Connection error
Hello ppl
I m a GSP and i am facing this stupid problem

okay the thing is I have 2 IP's 50 mbps each but the problem is i cant run more than two L4D2(Srcds) on it . if i try to run more than 2 servers i get a error "Could not establish connection to Steam servers."

now on second ip m running cod4 halo and some other servers so i need to run servers on the 1st ip only

machine config:
OS : Winserver 2003 enterprise SP2 (X64)
RAM : 8 gb DDR3
Firewall : off(always)
Processor : AMD Phenom II (X4) 955
Brandwidth : 50 mbps per line(leased)
Game control Panel : TCADMIN

cmd line parameter:
Quote:-game left4dead2 -console +ip xxx.53.14.1xx -port 27217 +maxplayers 8 -autoupdate +exec server.cfg +map "c1m1_hotel versus"

i have used both -ip and +ip

Please suggest me a workaround.

P.S : I have checked ports and all 3 -4 times , & all ports are forwarded.

Are you overlapping the ports and IP's for the 2 L4D2 servers? That might be the issue. Also be sure to use -ip and -port. + is for cvar set variables.
yeah i thought so but ports aren't overlapping and ip thing is good but i tried bot + & - just in-case .
Hmmm this seems like a VAC-problem (they are both trying to use same VAC-port. Try to include these parametres in your startup line:

-port <portnumber>
-sport <VAC portnumber>
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okay i found out the problem i guess it was a unstable beta version of sourcemod which was causing this problem

but that is resolved now Smile
Good to know Smile
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