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RCON failing after last TF2 update
Hey all I'm having this problem with my servers where I can not get RCON working the way it should. Before the last TF2 update everything was fine (so I know I'm not that stupid), but now HLSW can not connect, and in game I get: Lost RCON connection, please retry command (UNKNOWN ERROR)

Odd thing is, if I send a command via RCON in game the server will get it, however it won't "tell me." Say I sent a status command, I won't see anything in my console, but the server will show that it received the command.

I haven't done anything to the server since the last TF2 update, and all I did for the update was a restart. I've had the servers running for over a month without a hitch. This has me stumped.

OS: Ubuntu 9.10
Proc: Celron D at 2.8Ghz

Internet: Version FiOS (~20Mbit down / ~5Mbit up)

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