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64 spawn points
I'm looking for a way to have 64 spawn points in the Valve maps as to allow additional players in an already very busy Zombie Horde server.

I've tried using custom maps with 64 slots but most are immensly huge and lag like crazy. I'm hoping things like dust2/italy/etc will work better, but the challenge of allowing 64 spawn points has stopped me

Any suggestions
hmmm.. well i think theres a mod somewhere that does this.. but i know mani does like player stacking, and i know when you teleport more then one person it stacks them.. so it might work with more people?? i don't know.. you could try. the cvar in mani is "mani_cs_stacking_num_levels" just find that in mani_server.cfg file. orr.. i just read that cvar overrides the cmd "cs_stacking_num_levels" so i guess you could just try setting that cmd to 2... withough mani and see if it works?
As in 32 vs 32 !? Wow I would LOVE to see that battle!
lol... theres servers out there.. lol like this one the first one i randomly see...

and d00d let me know if that does work.. i have seen that question a lot and would like to know the outcome.

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