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Problem with a hacker.
Hi, I have a problem with hacker in my srcds server. He keeps on hacking and making himself admin and all that stuff. The hacker prevents us from playing on my server. I have to shut down my srcds server because for the safety of my server. We tried banning him but he still hacks the server unbanning himself and etc. I need help to protect my server from anything so My clan and I could play again on my server. Please help and reply.
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Do you have Mani installed? I would recommend to get rid of it, and use Sourcemod instead. Also get his IP and ban the IP on your router.
Yes what plugins do you have? Also, do you have a strong RCON password?
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It also depends on what mods you have. I had a non-beta version of Eventscripts, and someone was able to hack my server easily. Mani is easy to hack too (but I use it anyways Big Grin).
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