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Is this poosible?

One of my servers i'm currently running in windows is getting a problem, every time this certain player connects to the server the server crashes!?

It is possible for someone to of been able to hack or shutdown the server like hes doing? it only ever does it when this certain player joins and the server is running with TC Admin but everytime he crashes the server TC Admin can't start the server again and the only way to start up the server is to reboot the dedicated server.

I need some help on this because i need to get it sorted out ASAP
First off, each of your servers on TCAdmin should run with a separated user that is locked down to the server files only. That should make sure he can only affect the server in question.

Second what error do you get from TCAdmin when you try and restart the game server?

And last, you might wanna open a ticket with TCAdmin instead.
it is not TC admin, because when i click start within tc admin it says the server is running, but if you go to the service id via RDP and look in services it says it not started, if i click start on the service id within windows i get an error message saying this service can't start.

But as soon as i reboot the dedicated server its fine again, until that user joins again =[, all servers and users are locked down in tc admin, he can't view other servers or clients can't view his server
Well I don't mean the normal lock down
Look here:
um... after reading that forum topic, i dont create users, services etc... on the win os. everything is setup auto via whmcs + tc admin, everything is controlled under tc admin, by which is tc admin auto sets up servers, ts3, service etc...
I know i got the same setup. The topic is about how to make sure users to have excessive access to the servers files or other services. Even if they manage to hack the server some how.
Maybe you should lookup the PID in TCAdmin and try see if the process is running. I have exactly same setup, i also spotted a guy like the one you described, but i banned him through rcon
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