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another how many questions....
how many servers would something like this be able to hold... seems how i don't know much about amd.. at all lol. but it iwll be running windows and on a 100mb connection

AMD Athlon 64 2800+
w\ 80gb hd

edit-im not thinking very big servers, just like 16 to 20 person servers.
well i have no prob hosting an 18 man with a 33 ticrate and a 10 man with 66 on an athlon XP 2000+ the cpu hits about 80% in the worst cases with both servers full of bots so i would wager a guess you could do better than that mybe 3 16 mans @ 33 tickrate, just launch 3 severs and fill them with bots and pop open your task manager and watch the cpu if it ever hits more than %90 load then your pushing your luck, just to be clear this is just me quessing... i run Gentoo linux for my servers
err.. i was hopeing for atleast 4 servers... but like i said i know nothing of how amd cpus handle, lol i have always been an intel guy, but no cuz im thinking of renting a dedicated box something like this, and i was just tryin to figure out if that would do for what i want, or i would of done that test.... and also though, bots use more cpu then when humans are in, so that test would provide like a safe guard as well.

but anyways... does anyone think that 4 like 18 man servers would run on this box? i know theres a couple people on here that know all about amd.. commmon!!
to give you a better perspective, i have a box (AMD XP 1900+ with 1GB ram) that can handle about 32-36 players. it doesn't really matter how many servers are running as long as the total number of players doesn't exceed the mid 30 range. it can actually handle more than 36 players, but that usually causes choke and affects the rates. as for bots, it can only handle a maximum of 28 bots.

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