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I have noticed when playing on different servers that my in-game fps were higher in some servers than others....

How would I go about increasing client side fps?

[Image: srcds1.jpg]

The above measurement was during a 10 man scrim...

Any and all comments are appreciated.

Is this an FPS graph of your local computer or the server?
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server fps.
server fps != client fps
which lib did you use for reaching 1004 fps from distant? behartesetwas?
I guess the modified distant version. With it the host_profile fps are set. This are always a bit lower than the fps from the stats command. This leads you to ~1004 fps with stats if you set it to 1000.
it's a rented server, so I doubt he will know how it's installed... (why are people always hiding the IPs? doesn't matter, I can find it anyway Toungue)

in any case: don't confuse server-side fps with client-side fps. they have nothing in common. the server does not have any direct influence on the client fps. only indirectly it will affect it: e.g. if more players are on a server the client fps usually will be lower. also higher tick rates will increase the cpu usage on the clients slightly and thus reduce the fps (slightly). there might be other effects, but having high client fps does nothing have to do with a good server (try disconnecting your PC from the network, you will see probably your client fps rising - until the game disconnects). (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
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Its behartes lib, and I'm hiding the ip temporarily until I get everything fixed Smile.
faker :-)
i dont know why but the lib does not work on my systems...i tries the one in the past dont know if he changed some things ....
Do you have the path correct in the srcds startup line....preload.../usr/whatever directory.

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