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Seg Fault on a fresh installed server
Hello all,

I've browsed the 5 or 6 pages of results provided by the search function on "Segmentation fault" but my problem isn't solved yet...

I'm running on Ubuntu 9.10 , my Kernel is up to date, and my computer is recent.

I've installed SRCDS for CSSource, everything is fine.

Then I launch the server (without any addons like Mani or Eventscripts etc...)

I can play on it. I'm playing with 6 bots on each teams for testing

Then after about 40 minutes, the server crashes and reboot

Here's the debug log and specifications :

Server OS: Ubuntu Server 32-bit
Processor: AMD Athlon XP 32
Ram: 1 GHz
Game(s): Counter Strike - Source
Start Up Command: ./srcds_amd -console -game cstrike +ip -port 27015 +map de_dust +maxplayers 32 -debug -tickrate 100
Admin Mods: NOTHING

CRASH: dimanche 24 janvier 2010, 12:54:16 (UTC+0100)
Start Line: ./srcds_amd -console -game cstrike +ip -port 27015 +map de_dust +maxplayers 32 -debug -tickrate 100
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Core was generated by `./srcds_amd -console -game cstrike +ip -port 27015 +map de_dust +m'.
Program terminated with signal 11, [b]Segmentation fault[/b].
#0  0x0000000a in ?? ()
#0  0x0000000a in ?? ()
No symbol table info available.
From        To          Syms Read   Shared Object Library
0x00546830  0x0055c69f  Yes (*)     /lib/
(*): Shared library is missing debugging information.
Stack level 0, frame at 0x99b03b0:
eip = 0xa; saved eip End of Source crash report

I've tried to launch it from root, and from my session, doesn't make any changes...

If someone could help me...

try running it with ./srcds_run and also run a memtest and check for any overheating. those are what usually cause a vanilla server to crash.
good luck
The fact is I launch from srcds_run in the terminal.

But I'm on an Athlon, then he's switching my command in srcds_amd

(Optimized Binaries for AMD) Sad I think its the autodetection CPU thing...
Try deleting ".steam" directory from your home directory. Then either reinstall or hope that it doesn't crash anymore.

I had similar crashes in about 10 - 120 minute intervals. Then I deleted ~/.steam directory and reinstalled and it started working. In the reinstall the steam binary will recreate the .steam directory, so be careful not to remove that one after reinstall.

I just got home, so just a short reply for now.

I am not sure, but as you have tried the other tests and didn't work, it could be the issue with libstdcc++.

Is yours a fresh installation of Ubuntu 9.10, or an upgrade from the previous?

Anyway, Ubuntu 9.10 is using libstdcc++6, but please double-check if it is installed.

Also, check if you have libstdcc++5 (with fresh installation of Ubuntu 9.10, you shouldn't have it), and if you don't have it, install it and see if it helps.

(As your 9.10 is 32-bit, I think you just need to install the i386 package, but not the amd64, but I am not sure on this)

As you are using 9.10 32-bit, for SRCDS, should you use srcds_run instead of srcds_amd?

Last thing, absolutely no plugin running? Big Grin
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Thx for all your replies.

My ubuntu 9.10 is fresh from 2 weeks ago, on a full clean Hdd

I have absolutely no idea of what libstdcc+ is... I'll check for it when i get back home.

Be sure that there are NO plugin, I reinstalled just for test without plugs...

My server is installed in srcds folder, I don't have any steam folder, this might be the problem...

And then I'm launching server with srcds_run command but its written as a srcds_amd in the debug.log ... How to force it to stay as a "run" cmd rather than an "amd" cmd?
The srcds_run is startup script which starts either srcds_amd or srcds_i686 depending on your CPU. Don't worry about it. Use srcds_run to start your server.

Are you sure you don't have .steam directory in your home directory? Note that it's ".steam" with the dot.

Download hldsupdatetool.bin again from and then reinstall. Don't use your current hldsupdatetool.bin nor steam binary. Download it from the website again. Then do normal install and don't use any of your current files. Install in a fresh directory. You should end up having fresh server installed and the ".steam" directory in your home directory. In the .steam directory you will then have "ClientRegistry.blob".

Libstdc++ is probably not related. I've heard that some server admins have used different versions of libstdc++ to try to boost their server performance. The server should work without any special settings, though.
Thx for the fast reply !

I cant test right now because here its 11 am... Im listening at our polymer lesson :p

Ill test to re-install everything from a full clean computer and see.

I keep this thread up to date.


I had some issues before due to this bug:


Since the other methods didn't work for him, and I was guessing it might be a hook up issue...

Anyway, just another thing for him to try. Big Grin


Just try css' suggestion first ( you got a fast broadband, correct? Smile ).

As for the .steam, those "dot" files are hidden. You can locate it by:

(as "su", or "su -")

locate .steam -b /

or just output the search results to a file:
locate .steam -b / >> my_search_.steam.txt

Good luck.
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Alright, let me explain you what I've done.

1) Checking libstdcc++6 on my Ubuntu 9.10 = Already Installed

2) Finding the hidden file (.steam) then delete it. = Done

3) Delete everything linked to srcds and installation thing = Done

4) Upload the new hlsrcds setup.bin from Valve = Done

5) Re-install properly the server, and keep it up to date = Done

6) Playing around 1 hour with 12 bots = Done

Result : NO CRASH at all =)

Thx to all who helped me (css, 3choE and CarbineFreak)

I'll tag this for all people who get : Segmentation Fault status 18 error
Thx for all Wink


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