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I have been messing around with numorous panels for controling linux based servers and have yet to find something that is basically flawless. The closest panel iv come to that has been doing an alright job is swiftpanel but its still got some flaws that arnt exceptable for when managing servers. Really all im looking for in a panel is as simple as clients able to login to there panel to start/stop/restart the server. Thats enough to make me happy at this point. Anyone know of such a panel/script? I host on a VPS and link to my dedicated server box so it would have to have the ability to remote control the box from the vps.
mintpanel is almost done and usable right now. But it does require root access to the server you are installing it to and a few other things. and yes it can be installed away from the game server minus a slave install. I have not -personally- used it -yet-, but i intend to.
whats mintpanel? can it be used for windows? -Wink- -Wink- -Nudge- -Nudge-
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if I remember correctly its just linux currently. I haven't heard a whole lot of positives about it. a few relatively minor negatives, but it seems to be common around linux based control panels.

We fully intend on releasing a Windows Version of the control panel after the initial linux launch which will include all the features the linux CP has.[/align] - Game, Web and voice server hosting control panel.

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