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Error in srcds.exe, force IP report doesnt work
Hello! (My server wont list on steam!)

I have searched millions of forums and noone seems to have solved this problem. It is mainly because of an error in the dedicated server.

The problem comes from servers behind NAT, that need to report the external IP to the steam server for listing. This is not possible because srcds complains about the IP doesnt exist on the computer. That is IRRELEVANT...

I dont understand how they could make such a mistake. Shouldnt people be allowed to protect their servers behind NAT and still have them work. It's such a bad mistake..

I got a suggestion from one post, that took me hours to find. (There's alot of missunderstanding around this listin issue, people often talk about everythign but the problem. This is far beyond a port routing problem). The suggestion was that you use the IP command in the console to change the IP after the startup. Either put it in the server.cfg. But this doesnt work, server is still reporting passive IP to the steam server.

What bugs me is that the Linux version of srcds seems WORK with IP tagging any IP you wish to use. How come the win32 version doesnt work..

I'm a bit aggressive but this problem really bugs me. I appreciate all the help I can get...

In windows you can only latch an IP and port if the IP exists on the computer and the ports not in use.

Since your behind a NAT the external IP doesnt exist on the machine, although setting your server to 'Internet' and not 'LAN' will report your external IP to steam as long as all the correct ports are opened.

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I appreciate the reply from a professional.

Sv_lan is set to 0, which means internet server.
Sv_region is set to 3 Europe, which means both world listed and europe.

And I have opened 27000-27050 tcp&udp...

I had a more advanced port map before, 27000-27015 27025-27039... 1200

But I got tired of ports and opened them all up. Still nothing listed

Do you have any suggestions?

Any strange ports that need to be opened that dont begin with 27xxx?

Thanks a bunch!

EDIT: I see this everytime, but since I'm not listed this has nothing to do with being listed. Right?

Connection to Steam servers successful.
VAC beta secure mode is activated.
Adding master server
Adding master server

I have FTP, HTTP, POP, WAP, SMTP, TS and many other services running on this server. They all work excellent behind NAT, I dont understand why SRCDS should be so hard to run.
I must admit i have no first hand experience of running a server behind a router.

cryotek should be able to help, he knows his stuff Wink Gaming Servers
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Yes, please! Cryotech, I would sure like your opinion.


alright.. well first off.. the server will report the computers internal ip address... thats just how its gonna work. but then the ports are forwarded.. and somone connects to the external ip and goes to the router, the router has that port forwarded so it directs it to the server.. ftp, http, smpt, pop, imap all of them do the same thing.. its just they don't rely on the ip like that, so if you force the ip, they just assume its right, or they have more adcanced programming to detect an external ip.. either way, it reports the external ip to steam, regardless what it says on the server console, because it tracks the ip sending the signal, which will be the external ip. have you tested it to see if people can connect externally? or did you just assume it doesn't work cuz its "reporting the lan ip, not the internet ip"
Hello Skeletor! Thanks for writing...

I dont know if the server sends the private IP, I just assume it since the server does not list.

Your example is very logical. I wish I could believe that steam servers are so smart. I dont understand why it wont list then.

The server runs fine. Even when I just had 27015 routed all my friends could connect without any problem from outside. Game runs flawlessly, and server is newly installed with only mani mod installed.

So you see my mystery. Everybody says it should go by itself. I'm not used to solving it like that. I normally set my programs to report my external IP to the servers, which I cant in this case... I assume that is why it wont work.

Thank you again. Appreciate all the help.. going crazy soon.

Does it take time for Steam to put the server up on the lists?

I've read that it may come up by just waiting...

Any thoughts?
it should just automatically show on the internet list, well it might not for you, some routers dont like to see a signal they just sent out, back in. and i remember seeing something about some routers somehow causing the server not to be listed, but i don't know how this would work, i have ran my server with like 4 different routers, and never seen a problem like that. so it should be listed on therefor everyone other then you, but it might not be for you.

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