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Server Quality
A couple of questions come to mind........

I tried using a lib, and it may have caused some lag on the server...Basically everything is not smooth, throwing nades are choppy...(they skipped accross the screen)

Now after trying some different priority settings(ie: nice -n -12 ./srcds_run)
it makes the game even more choppy(I am not running the lib). The choppiness doesn't occur if the priority is Very High OR Very low.....In b/w those settings, it is very unbearable. Although the choppiness does go away, but after 3-5 minutes.

Does anyone know why this occurs?

The server is 2xZeon 2.4 ghz(4 cores total) and 8gb ram.
The internet connection is good.
What is a good internet connection?
Ded server from a well known company. They have a good network.
Run a trace to your server's IP and see where the congestion is occurring.
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tracert seemed pretty solid. Nothing reached higher than 52 ms.
What you're experiencing is something server side...
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