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Clients Not Able To Connect
Slight problem here, people can add the server to their favs via ip (not sure if they can see it in the internet tab, but i can) and see all the informating, but when they try and connect it just sits at the "connecting to server" part, and never passes that.

So, i think my problem might be the ports, but i have forwarded all that i would think you would have to. Although i heard some people saying opening some udp and some tcp ports, am i supposed to forward ports somewhere other than my router addres ( in browser)?

no.. you only have to forward ports in your router.. and the firewall on the computer.. if it has one. be sure your giving them the right ip... the one at will be your real ip, or your external ip.. make sure your giving people the right ip.. other then that if you forwarded the ports in the router.. it should work

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