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Umm how do i make myself admin when i play on my server i will be the only admin for now so , what do i have to do ? explaint please. Thank you.
Ok, navigate to C:\srcds\cstrike\cfg\mani_admin_plugin and open up the adminlist.txt. add your steam id after all of those slashes.
be sure its beneath the slashes.. just to make sure you don't put it after then on the same line..
kk thank you , um where can i find out my steam id?
while your in game.. go to console, and type in status, it will give you the name, steam id, and ip of everyone in the server.. your steam id will be like STEAM_x:xxxxxx somethig like that.
I am having a problem with it not recognizing my steam id or ip address.
if its a lan server it won't... the server has to be an internet server.. unless you put.. uh.. lan_id, or something like that... and ip.. i wouldn't even put that. i never have, since a lot of people ip changes all the time.

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