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Server Not Downloading File Right?
Hi, I got fast downloading working but when I join the server or anyone else it only downloads around 6kb! Like I bzipped the quake sounds and when I download them from my server it wont work ingame so I go and check the sound file and it is only 6kp?!I even opened it and it was corrupted? So it is like only downloading half of the file then stopping. I looked and it installs rampage.bzip then it downloads rampage again but it is like rampage.mp3? I dont no what to do? Oh and I have already checked the files in my fast download website. They work fine. So it is my server.
what is the bandwith of the webhotel ?
[Image: 598429334.png]

need help ? ask someone else !
(01-18-2010, 10:07 PM)nymand94 Wrote:  what is the bandwith of the webhotel ?

Nvm, my fault, In the sound folder I didnt add a quake folder I just put the sounds straight in sound folder :|

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