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How to make server.cfg file by SSH Command?
Hello,I'm new to SSH and Linux.

I'm asking about how to make server.cfg file by SSH Command and update it by SSH command too.
Can you help me please.
vi server.cfg
then press "i"
then type in what you want in your server.cfg
when you are done, press "esc" followed by ":" "w" "q"
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To log into your server, you would use;

ssh user@

Obviously replacing with your server's IP address and "user" with the user you want to login as. Once you have logged in with SSH, its as if you are on the machine, so just edit server.cfg with vi as inc0gs said, or if vi fries your brain, use something like joe, jove, jed, etc. Emacs even if that floats your boat. Once you are done, simply type "exit" and that will log you out. All the above is if you are using linux; if you are using windows, you will need to download putty.exe and use that to log in via ssh. You shouldn't need to change any of the options, just add and IP and then enter the user name and password.

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