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Hosting gives me 2 different RAMs, normal?
As I have been having performance issues with my remote dedi, I have been doing some troubleshooting from my end.

My box is set up for dual-channel, yet the RAMs that my hosting installed are of different spec (DIMM 667 & 800 MHz). I am not sure how they set up the BIOS though (probably set to auto).

Before I contact the tech support about it, I want to ask around here, to see whether it is a normal practice of a hosting company?

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Well it doesn't really matter what speed the RAM is, it all just reverts to the lowest speed out of all the sticks installed.

I don't know what the normal practice is but I would say they have just installed what they had lying around.
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Thanks for the reply.

The lag issue I have with my SRCDS servers probably isn't related to the different spec of those 2 RAMs then...

Still, I find it cheap that a hosting would throw in whatever they had lying around for a dedi box.

I guess I don't ask the tech support about it then, as I doubt they would install a different pair of RAM for me.
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They might... Just ask Toungue
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Installing different Ram does seem odd. I would contact them and ask why you have 2 different chips and if they can fix it so that you have two chips running at the same higher speed (800 Mhz).

I would guess such a thing was a mistake?
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