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Server kick players after my connection try
I've searched the entire web but don't find any answers.
I'm running a l4d2 server on a Ubuntu machine. (Compaq evo 1020v)

Start Up Command:
./srcds_run -game left4dead2 -autoupdate -console -maxplayers 8 +sv_lan 0 +hostip my_ip +ip 192.168... +hostport 27016 +exec server.cfg ”+map jada jada

I have no problem starting a lobby and accessing the server through sv_search_key, but if i disconnect and try "connect my_ip" i get error message "disconnected by user" and the server kick out all the other players and kind of restart and become acessable again.

Both me and the server is behind a Belkin N+ Wireless Router
Currently no addons (well they are there but removed metamod.vdf)

If I dont have any sv_search_key enable players will come and go and everything seems to work nice. But if I connect through console the server kicks players.

It was after a steam update this started to happening.
./srcds_run -game left4dead2 -autoupdate -console -maxplayers 8 +sv_lan 0 +hostip my_ip +ip 192.168... +hostport 27016 +exec server.cfg ”+map jada jada
./srcds_run -game left4dead2 -autoupdate -ip myinternetip -port 27016

-console you are already in the console so no need
-maxplayers 8 gets choosen by lobby/gamemode no sense to use it
+sv_lan 0 unless you want to go to lan no need its default 0
+hostip my_ip You have to use -ip for the external ip I guess this part is causing your trouble
+hostport 27016 only use -port
+exec server.cfg server.cfg is loaded by default only use it if you want to load a diferent file instead
+map jada jada The map is choosen by the lobby so no need to set up
Warning: NET_OpenSocket: bind: Cannot assign requested address
Couldn't allocate any server IP port, tried 1 addresses
using ./srcds_run -game left4dead2 -autoupdate -ip myinternetip -port 27016

Why is the download through steam so terrible slow ~2kb/s when i can max out my connection on ubuntu when using ftp or such
did you replace myinternetip with your external ip?
(01-18-2010, 01:14 AM)Terrorkarotte Wrote:  did you replace myinternetip with your external ip?

./srcds_run -game left4dead2 -ip 83.233.xx.xx -port 27016

but that isn't the ip assigned to the server, server ip is and the routers wan ip is 83.233.xx.xx
-ip - Specifies the address to use for the bind(2) syscall, which controls on which IP addresses the program is reachable on. It must either be a local address (an addresses of the host it runs on) or (the wildcard). This has nothing to do with externally-visible addresses in NAT setups.

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