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Freeze on mapchange
every time it goes to change map it freezes at the loadin screen just the empty bar and says nothing ne1 know how to fix this??
so that means the server freezes? and you have to go manually restart it? cuz that basically means the computer doesn't like running the server.. lol. you could try doin this stuff... his tuneups should help make it not do that soo much..

what kinda computer are you runnin the server on.. or have you said before, sorry i can't keep all these people straight, and who has said what. lol
sorry i mispelt that link.. but its right now. stupid 2 g's...
ok dont laugh but its runnin off an HP has 512 mbs of ram usin a belkin wirless card i dont kno wat teh connection spead is but i get a 11mbps signal umm 2800+ (2.08ghz) AMD athlon xp processer i would run it on my computer which is alot faster but it is reallllllllyy choppy when i play on my computer was gona run it off here and let my bro play on my computer but he plays this ragnarok game that basicly is a playable virus/spyware so if u can either A) tell me how to make myself not be so choppy (that would be the best) or make it not freeze

PS this is how it freezes it goes to the loadin screen like where it says Note this server is vac secured cheating will result in a permanent ban, and i dont get nething there just stays blank
alright.. well really runnin the server on the same computer doesn't work all too well. unless you have a pretty beefy computer. but either way.. you could try going through that tutorial on system tweaks.. try it to both computers, it could help your computer out enough to not be choppy.. but theres no promises.. and with your brothers computer.. just do that thing, and be sure you defrag the hd.. and i don't know.. make sure theres not anything else running on the computer that doens't have to be.

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