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hey yall i need some help..i set up the server but it puts it under the LAN it suppose to do that? how do i put it on the internet sever list?
it will be on lan.. as thats how you would conect to it.. as long as you have sv_lan set to 0, and if you have a router, and everything is forwarded right on that, and the firewall isn't blocking it.. it will show up in the internet list.. it might not for you, but for others it should.. you can post your ip here, and somone can check it..
its saying on the srcd window that is my ip...
yea.. that is your lan ip. what people would have to connect to is your external ip, you can find that ip by goin to also, beware that this ip changes like when you power off the modem, or lose power, or lose internet for any reason. so go to that site.. and post the ip that says. and if the ports are forwarded on your router right, then people should be able to view the server and connect to it and everything.
also now that i look at that site more.. i see theres a game port tester as well.. you could use that to see if you have opend that port.
ok...i got the ip do i change it on the server?
you don't... you on your local network, will have to connect to that. and then everyone else not on your local netword, will have to connect to the external ip that site says.
i have the same problem as you i have done everythink they still cant connect to my server :s
and your sure that your giving people the external ip right. the ip that says.. could you post your ip, and i or someone else can check it..

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