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Hi All

Just a quick one i think

FPS - is the maximum FPS governed in anyway by the graphics card and/or graphics memory installed in the server machine?

ie: nice top of range 256Mb card vs. onboard 2Mb card
nope.. fps for a server is different then client... it really has nothing to do with how many fps the clients get, and has nothing at all to do with video, actually my server computer doesn't have a video card at all.

fps is actually something like how many times per second it processes information.. something like that.. gahh i never can remember exactly.. theres a decent post stickyd on the steam forums somewhere.. but i don't have time to get a link to it.
Thanks Big Grin

Thats enough for me...just wanted to know whether to install graphisc card or use the rubbish on board one Toungue
lol yea.. the on board video should be fine for the server.. actually in some very minor ways it could be better, cuz it will use less cpu to try and produce the good graphics. but i think thaht wuld be sooo minmal that it doens't really mean anything.

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