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Running SRCds with other game's servers
Hi there, first post for me Big Grin - I've done a fair bit of searching to no avail, so I'm sorry if this has been posted many times before (and I'm sure it probably has)

Server OS: Windows Server 2003 64-bit w/ latest SP
Processor: AMD Phenom II X-2 550 CPU
Ram: 8GB DDR2
Game(s): SRCDS with Metamod Source and Sourcemod, COD4 stock standard, UT3

I'm usually running a linux box but for an upcoming LAN party - I'm trying to run the above setup as a windows box with 1 server for TF2, COD4 and UT3 all going at the same time. I'd like some advice to see if the following is feasible:

The TF2 server will be a 24 player server
The COD4 server will be 16 players
The UT3 server will be 16 players

Would I be overloading my box?
Don't think you will have any problems.
You should be fine with that processor.
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