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Please Help!!
Ok so this is whats happening. I first went through limestone networks. I updated the box and everything got stuff all setup up. (tcadmin too) then I created my first game server and the tick wont go above 10. SO i try reinstalling windows 2003 r2 didnt apply any updates at all and still the same problem. The ping to the server is really high and you lagg everywhere. I made sure all the command line stuff was setup correctly. I also made sure the server.cfg was correct. SO then I get a new provider thinking it was limestones fault. Ran into the same issue. I have lost all my customers because of this. For some reason on any game it laggs and the tick stays below 10 sometimes hits .7 I know this is not hardware related as it happened with 2 hosts but this has me completely stumped. If anyone could please help me! Also I have wayy more resources than I need to host a single game server.
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