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Only LAN players??
Hey guys,

New to these forums, good to be here

My question, I understand there is a bunch of basic information which I will need to add at a later point although I can mention that I'm using Windows 7..

All I want to know is that, by following the steps of installing SRCDS. does this allow me to hold a server for any player from anywhere to join? or only players in a LAN.. may be a silly question but I followed all steps, admin is working fine in counter-strike source etc. but no matter what I try, when my mate trys to connect via WAN ip it gives him a failed message

The command line in SRCDS is "-console -game cstrike -maxplayers 16 +map cs_office -autoupdate" if that helps

Looking forward to a reply,
edit: I just saw another post and following through to a message stating by choosing the listening server from Cs:S itself I can run it that way.. Does that still apply to playing with members in another area?? .

Eg. if i went to 'Create Server', gave someone my external IP. would it theoretically work?

Thanks for any help
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You have to forward you ports. And please post all the information in the readme thread.
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Server OS: Windows 7 64-bit
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo - 2.66GHz
Ram: In GB. 2
Game(s): Counter-Strike Source

Okay, done Smile

Now, all I want to do is create the simplest of servers so I can teach a friend of mine (At a different house) how to play Counter-Strike.

I heard that I could just create a server within Counter-Strike and give my friend my External IP (+ :27015) and it should work.. which it doesn't..
Would portforwarding help me in this case or do I need to continue my process of SRCDS??

Thanks in advance
To do it from in-game like the create server button, make sure to forward your ports and then type in console: sv_lan 0
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did you open the port on your router ?
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