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How many Servers or Slots?
AMD Athlon XP 3000+
1024 DDR Ram
100 MBit/s
How many Slots are ok? Or how many 16Slot server or something like that? :\ ..
Some unit or something (sry for my bad Engl..I'm German .. :\\).
Only CS:S Server are going to run on this machine..and we want to know how many slots/server and then how many server are ok..or just how many slots..with no plugins and tickrate 100 ..

-> Or does someone know how many MHz/Slot and MB Ram/Slot?
Is that 100mbit upload, or download. We need to know upload speeds. Also, you can limit the amount of memory SRCDS uses. So since you have 1gb of ram, you could probably limit it to at least 256mb eacg server, but since that would be a strain on the computer maybe two 26 man, or something. It really depends on upload speeds, and will your servers be filling up.

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