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Throttling a server's CPU usage
Is it possible to limit a server's CPU usage?

I run multiple servers on one box and if I do a CPU intensive task on one server, such as generating .nav files for bots, the rest of the servers lag. If I could limit that server to a percent of CPU usage (ie. 50%), the other servers would be fine.

How can I go about doing this? Thanks.
Go hereand scroll down to the "heapsize part." Im not sure this will help, but it looks like it should.
heapsize is for memory.. nothing to do with cpu. and the only thing you can do as far as i know.. is set the prioty under the other servers.. but i don't think that even that would make much of a difference.
yea, that would have something to do with it.. but thats just how often it processes data, or something of the such.. not how much at once. so like when generating a nav file. it tries to do as much and as fast as it can, fps_max might slow it down a lil.. but won't make it do less atta time, atleast the way i remember all that being explaind (although it has been explaind about 100 different ways, and my memory has a hard time gettin the one thats right out in front, lol)
The key is asymmetric processing, which your motherboard has to be capable of, meaning of course that it's also a multi-processor motherboard, and you have more than one processor plugged in. Also, the game itself may or may not work with asymmetric processing. It's been a while, so I don't recall where in the OS you could assign the individual tasks to one processor. Anyway, you can't do it if you don't have the hardware mentioned.
I use a good program to limit CPU usage on other progs and will work here too.

It allows you to replace Windows Task Manager with this program and is alot more info based Smile
Now, the CPU thing...finding which server process you are relating to, right click it, set priority and/or affinity (which of your virtual CPU's it uses Big Grin

good luck)

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