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Best practices for installing multiple CS:S servers?
Hello everyone -

I understand I can use two totally seperate directories, each housing the full srcds install for seperate servers. However the inner-geek in me tells me there's a more modular, cleaner way.

For example, in the past, from GSP's I've noticed I have none of the /bin/, /platform/ and /hl2/ directories in our servers FTP.

Is there a way to run the entire srcds base install say out of C:\srcds\ and then have the actual cstrike folders (and files) under like c:\servers\ip\cstrike\ to keep everything seperate?

The idea of copying around the ENTIRE HL2 srcds installation just urks me when all I CS:S cares about is the CSTRIKE portion.

Am I totally off basis here, or is having multiple SRCDS installs the only way to go?

Thanks for the assistance in advance,

You can install SRCDS without the HL2MP asspect of it.
Well, I tried removing the /hl2/ folder under srcds and it refuses to start without it... When I installed srcds I specified counter strike source, and that portion came down with it..

i think this is what you want

and you do need the hl2 part.. its the base for css.. cuz technically css is a mod of hl2. although completely different.. the base is the same.

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