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Left 4 Dead 2 Server Woes
Server Specs:

Intel Core 2 Duo e6300 (1.86 GHz)
4 GB DDR2 800
Gigabit LAN
Lots'a HD space
Windows (Server 2003) Home Server x86
TWC Road Runner ISP 10/1 Cable

Internet Configuration:

ISP -> Cable Modem -> Router (dd-wrt) -> 8 port switch -> Computers/Server

Problem Statement:

I would like to host a lobby in steam, and launch the game on my dedicated server.

Steps Taken:

I have installed the dedicated server, updated, port forwarded and everything runs fine. I am staring at people playing on my server over remote desktop as I type. I have changed the default port, and the server is running on port 27016.

you can actually join my server via domain name to check it out if it helps:
PHP Code:

What Works:

As stated, the server runs fine. I however, cannot launch a game that will be hosted on my server. It usually defaults back to creating a local server on my pc. Sometimes it will work, most the time it will not. (very confusing to me!)

I've tried using
PHP Code:
but that doesn't do the trick.

I also don't want to use a search key, because I want it to remain open to the public. Sometimes I cannot even join my server by using connect <internal ip>

the server config is basically empty except for the rcon password, and the host name.

the startup target is shown below:
PHP Code:
C:\L4D2\left4dead2\srcds.exe -console -game left4dead2 +maxplayers 8 -autoupdate +ip +hostport 27016 +map c5m1_waterfront +sv_lan 0  -verify_all 


How can I host a game via steam, and make that game be hosted on my dedicated server? Mainly so that people can use it whilst im away, then I can clear it out or wait till its empty, and host up a game with some friends that are not on the same lan (internet)


BTW, I've read through 10 pages - every relevant post using the search term "Left 4 Dead 2", as well as many countless sites. It seems a lot of people have a similar need, but I haven't found a solution that's worked for me yet.

Thanks in advance!
mm_dedicated_force_servers must be used with an address that you can also reach by using the connect command.

For instance, if you can type "connect" and reach your server, then your client autoexec should contain "mm_dedicated_force_servers". In all honesty, though, it's better to be using actual numbers instead of the DNS substitutes.

I run a dedicated server on my LAN, and I have to use the internal IP in order to connect to it. Unfortunately, when i use the force dedicated server command, I also have to use my internal IP, and it thus tries to send the entire lobby to that IP - which means people outside the LAN can't connect. I created a workaround for this problem by changing my server's internal IP to be exactly the same as my external, WAN IP. I also had to enable DMZ hosting on my router for that computer in order for this to work. People tell me this is a major security no-no, so all those sensitive government documents that I keep on my laptop are just going to have to risk being exposed to the leet hackers that want to backdoor my jank.

Does your router support NAT loopback? Meaning can you connect to your server using your external IP address instead of the internal one? Routers that support this should have an option to enable it. Otherwise, a workaround like the one I have in place can do the trick.

Also, if you're using a .bat or a shortcut to launch srcds, can you post a copy of your launch commands?
Yes, I am certain that it supports loopback, and that it is working; that is the reason I'm able to type in my domain name and get to the webpage for windows home server.

I'm not a huge fan of placing the server in the DMZ, because it has other functions. Email server, torrents, webserver, ect...

I would also have to change the ip address of the server as my WAN IP updates, something I'd rather not have to do. I'll check the mm_dedicated_force_servers command a little more. Thanks for the quick response!
Ok so I checked some things,

I can use these commands to connect to my game:


both internal and external IP addresses. I can also join my game by clicking on the lower right where it appears under steam groups.

When I try to use the commands

and host a lobby, nothing works! The game resorts to creating a windows listen server on my PC (which others can join). the "status" command yields:
hostname: KBentley57
version : 4052 secure  
udp/ip  : [ public n/a ]
os      : Windows Listen
map     : c1m1_hotel at ( 2702, 6728, 2784 )
players : 1 humans, 0 bots (4 max) (not hibernating) (reserved 1840385f7d41000)

Any suggestions?
Sorry if this was already stated as i only briefly read through what was written. but on your server side try adding your internal ip to your command line.
+ip, and on l4d2 use the mm_dedicated_blahblah to your internal ip the one the ISP assigns. and before you try to host your lobby. go to multiplayer options, and disable "automatically discover LAN games". hope this help some

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