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Über-mega-ultra HLDS server
Ok, I have quite some experience with SRCDS servers, but what I need now is a configuration for a box that will only be used for 2 HLDS servers. There will be not a single other thing hosted up there, so I really need them to be Über good. The machine is:

Intel Core2Quad Quadcore Q6600, 4 Core's with each
2,4 Ghz, 2x 4MB Cache
3x 2048 MB DDR2 Ram, PC667, Kingston
100mb/s download/upload

So, there are a few questions:
1. Which kernel should I use? I tried the optimization of fragaholics, but I get drops down to 500 on HLDS. The server was without SourceTV and idlers were running.

2. Are there any other settings beside +sys_ticrate and -pingboost that I should use? What values should I use? And is there a way to lock the sys_ticrate so that client can't change it? I mean, the CPU usage probably goes up with higher ticrate?

3. What should the rate settings be like?

Any other suggestions would be appreciated.
you know, if there would be an über-good configuration that would work on all machines, I would write it into my howto :-)
first: a Q6600 is not the optimal CPU. hlds (as srcds) only use one core, but the cores of the Q6600 are a little too slow.

maybe you can try the ck kernel patches. they are available for the 2.6.32 kernel again (after a long break since 2.6.22) and look very promising. try using it in conjunction with the other optimizations described in my howto (esp. realtime priority). (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
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Don't know how much difference it would make, but running 3 sets of dimm's wont let them be addressed in dual channel.

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