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Error: Material "sprites/bubble"
I am getting the following error when my server starts up:
Error: Material "sprites/bubble" : proxy "AnimatedTexture" not found!

I don't know what this means, and can't find any relevant information on these forums, or anywhere on the web.

Here is a complete console dump: (maybe second line is bad too?)

Console initialized.
Attempted to create unknown entity type event_queue_saveload_proxy!
Game .dll loaded for "Counter-Strike: Source"
maxplayers set to 32
maxplayers set to 64
Network: IP, mode MP, dedicated Yes, ports 27015 SV / 27005 CL
Executing dedicated server config file
Error: Material "sprites/bubble" : proxy "AnimatedTexture" not found!
Server logging enabled.
Server logging data to file logs\L0916010.log
L 09/16/2005 - 14:59:40: Log file started (file "logs\L0916010.log") (game "D:\CSS\server1\cstrike") (version "2455")
L 09/16/2005 - 14:59:40: World triggered "Round_Start"
Connection to Steam servers successful.
VAC beta secure mode is activated.
Adding master server
Adding master server
yea.. i get them too.. and last i heard it was a pretty common thing, so i haven't worried about it, as i have no noticed anything not working right, so unless there something wrong that you can tell other then that, i wouldn't worry about it.
Ok. When I ran my first server load test, I kept getting a scrolling message in the console, but now I can't remember it for the life of me. Some short 3 or 4 word error I think.

I'll post that later if it happens again.
Yup, I get that same error, probably something Valve for got to add.

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