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srcds restarting (crash)

i updated my server with metamod 1.8 and sm 1.3 ...

from date point my server it's restarting with this error ..

Jan 5 14:42:23 CSS kernel: srcds_i686[3296] general protection ip:b67f0f4b sp:bfd5730c error:0 in[b5f59000+af1000]
Jan 5 15:02:50 CSS kernel: srcds_i686[3316] general protection ip:b6804f4b sp:bfd6bb1c error:0 in[b5f6d000+af1000]
Jan 5 15:04:36 CSS kernel: srcds_i686[3334] general protection ip:b68baf4b sp:bf8215dc error:0 in[b6023000+af1000]

this erros is in the linux syslog.

help please..
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the combination of metamod 1.8 and sm 1.3 doesn't work for me as well, once the server crashes it restarts every 2 mins after that - maybe this is due to some incorrect data in "gamedata" folder or as it is still kinda beta and not an official stable release.

But metamod 1.8 and sm 1.2.4 are working fine ... so maybe you can try that, or do you really need sm 1.3?

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