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[RESOLVED] Mani Admin Stats
Hello, I wanna ask.. I don't wanna use Mani Admin Plugin, because i was fine without it.. but i need really good stats and working ban menu.. And as i saw Mani have it.. So I wanna install Mani just for stats and ban plugin.. What should i write at server cfg and Mani cfg to do that? I have a lot of plugins and other things, so i just wanna left ban menu and stats. Smile Can anyone help me? Smile
My OS: Linux ;
Server: .
For stats:

For bans:

More difficult to install but I like it more then mani-admin-plugin.
// 1 = Enable stats module, 0 = disable stats module
mani_stats 1
Are there any suggestions without Data Base using? Smile
mani doesn't need a database ...
Maybe anyone knows where is Full Mani Manual for Linux ant working download Mani for linux. Smile

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