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RCON Server bind failed (WSAEACCES)
I am running my server on the same computer that I am playing on and I keep getting the error RCON Server bind failed (WSAEACCES) and I my server won't show up on the master server list, It was working previously (Few days ago) And stopped working when I installed sourceOP. Here are the req stuffs:

Downspeed: 23.46Mb/s (
Upspeed: 8.53Mb/s (
Router: Wireless linksys WRT54GS
Local IP:
External IP:

Am I missing something?
If you are trying rcon access from the same computer you are playing on, I am pretty sure you must use the IP address Have you tried uninstalling sourceOP to see if you server reappears?
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Did you set your DNS servers in your server network config?
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