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Hi all

My first post on this forum so bare with me Wink

I have the following two servers i want to setup

1 warserver with 100tickrate 12 players
1 public server with 66tickrate 16 player

Will this hardware handle the push?
2.66GHz/533MHz P4 (Will it handle 1 100tickrate warserver and a 66tickrate public server?)
37GB SATA Raptor 10000RPM
1GB RAM 3200
20Mbit/20Mbit internet connection (should be more then inof for 28 players)

And the server will be running Debian linux distro.

Any ideas? What I realy are looking for is a minimum/recomended requirement Wink

without a doubt it will hold a lot more Gaming Servers
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It should go fine with that specs and that line(internet connection).

I am planning to run almost the same but just 1 warserver 12 slots and Ventrilo 20-30 slots on 4\4 mbit or 10\10 mbit on a comp with the same specs.
Sounds nice Smile

Will prob. have it up and running at the end of the week then will post the server info when its done so you can test it if you want Smile



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