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Timer Interrupt

i want to know how i can fix the timer interrupt of a 1000hz kernel.
not really for css but i need it for a cs 1.6

*i dont use any tutorial
Take a look at RTLinux ( )
It provides real preemptive Support for the kernel, not only userland software aswell as highly optimized timers.
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i found the problem thanks, thats my endresult =),view;38620.html
Would be nice, if you share what the problem was and how you solved it Wink
first I don't really see a problem there (those tiny variations are most certainly only a cosmetic "problem"). second I don't see an improvement there. the second measurement has only 1 player, the first measurement had also almost only 1000 fps when no player was on the server. so even the cosmetic "problem" is not improved probably :-) (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
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