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TF2 server problems
Sometimes our TF2 server loses the VAC so it's unsecured and it's keepin' setting sv_lan to 1 so you can't connect into. You gotta boot server or with HLSW set sv_lan to 0 and changelevel so you can connect. How to fix this?

Sry for bad English.

OS: Debian-5.0-x86
CPU: Intel® Pentium® D CPU 2.66GHz (Cache 1024 KB, Cores 2)
Mem: 2Gb RAM
Game(s): TF2
Startup Command: ./srcds_run -game tf -autoupdate -ip XX.XXX.XXX.XX -port 27015 +maxplayers 18 +map koth_sawmill > /dev/null &
Admin mods: Metamod+Sourcemod

Install command: ./steam -command update -game tf -dir .
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Infos added.
Bump, any help...? :/

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