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[Resolved] TF2 achieved weapons cannot be accessed
So I am hosting a dedicated server on a spare computer I have, and things are going great with it, people can see it, and connect, and I'm having lots of fun shooting my friends in the head with arrows! That is until at random my achieved weapons, and hats, all go away. I can no longer use my achieved weapons. This doesn't happen to everyone at the same time. Seems to happen at different times, sort of randomly.

I have checked to make sure everything is updated, and -verify_all command is run as well. Even though everything seems up to date, it still happens from time to time. Any thoughts?

OS: Windows XP Pro SP3
CPU: P4 2.4GHz
Router: Netgear
It's an issue with steam. Myself and others experience it on many servers. Hopefully valve will fix it soon... Re-joining the server will fix this issues.
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Thanks Mooga. I guess we never thought of it being a global issue, since we have only been playing off of my server since we got it up and running.

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