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installing metamod -Haven't got liblist.gam ?
Hi Smile

I'm trying to install metamod on my server.. but it seems i haven't got liblist.gam , so i can't add the .so there.. ?
Anyone know why, and how i can fix it?

cstrike@SeRi0uS:~/CSS/cstrike$ ls -a
./ botprofile.db gameinfo.txt models/ steam.inf
../ cfg/ mapcycle.txt motd.txt
addons/ credits.txt maplist.txt resource/
bin/ detail.vbsp maps/ scripts/
botchatter.db dxsupport_override.cfg materials/ sound/

and i get:
"Executing dedicated server config file
couldn't exec server.cfg" when I start the server..

Linux Slackware 2.4.26 PDT 2004 i686

metamod doesn't work with srcds. metamod is hlds only.
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get source mm
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