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Looking for a kind of auto bot spawning plugin
Hi guys, my question is simple, I wonder if there's any plugin wich can spawn a selected amount of bot ONLY when there is humans on the server. Obviously, this plugin will automatically kick them all when there's no more humans on the server.

Thanks for any of your suggestions!
Did not test it, but maybe you can put commands in a script in the cfg dir on your server and call it say bot.cfg. Then add exec bot.cfg to the server.cfg.

Commands to add to the bot.cfg:

bot_quota <number>
bot_quota_mode match
bot_join_after_player 1
bot_join_team any

There are a lot of bot_ commands:

Or maybe there is an Eventscript to do what you're asking.
is it for css? then "bot_join_after_player 1" will do the trick, but that is the default! (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
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Oh, so this is really strange... if you said that bot_join_after_player is set to 1 by default, I probably get a bug somewhere ...
Well anyway, thanks for your suggestions guys, I'll work on this later and I'll keep you updated about the situation.
Works fine guys, thanks!

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